Graphene in the Interstellar Medium: An Astrochemical Perspective

Tanya Saini

Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology (Mumbai)


Keywords: Interstellar Medium (ISM), Graphene, Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)


The Interstellar Medium (ISM), owing to its tempestuous conditions, was never envisaged to yield any
rich chemistry. In particular, the cold temperature regions erroneously seem rather inactive due to no
large-scale, visible chemical activities taking place.
In this paper, we discuss and comment on recent literature as we introduce astrochemistry, talk about its
wondrous avenues and delve deeper into these interactions, ones that especially take place at low
temperature (Low Temperature Astrochemistry) and culminate by introducing the intriguing role
carbon allotropes (like graphene) play in this interstellar matrix.


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